Stalivigno is a Trail Running race organized by COMITATO ORGANIZZATORE "STRALIVIGNO" in collaboration with the Amateur Sporting Association MARATHON CLUB ALTA QUOTA LIVIGNO which will be held in Livigno (SO) on Saturday 22nd of July.


To the TRAIL RUNNING race can participate:

- Italian and foreign members older than 18 years old registered to FIDAL for year 2017;

- Italian and foreign members of a club affiliated to FIDAL or registered to one Sports Promotion Board (Csen, Csi, Uisp, Libertas...);

- Italian and foreign citizens who has no membership card neither of a club affiliated to FIDAL, nor of a foreign Athletics Federation affiliated to IAAF, nor of a Sports Promotion Board (sect. Athletics), but in possession of a "RUNCARD" or “MOUNTAIN AND TRAIL RUNCARD”.
N.B.: The RUNCARD card is renewable. RUNCARD on the card shows the period of the card. All the people without the membership (but with valid medical certificate of fitness that allows to practice competitive sports specific athletics) can subscribe the "Mountain and Trail Run Card" with an additional cost of Euro 10,00.
Their participation is still subject to the submission (both Italian and foreign residents and non-residents). of a medical certificate of fitness that allows to practice competitive sports specific athletics which is valid in Italy.
Copy of the medical certificate will be kept by the Organizing Committee of each event for which the athlete holding RUNCARD participates.
Medical certificates for other sports are not eligible for participation.
Non-resident foreigners may submit a certificate issued in their own country, but it has been conducted in the same tests provided for by Italian legislation: a) medical examination; b) complete urinalysis; c) electrocardiography at rest and after exercise; d) spirography.

ATTENTION! Athletes of other federations (for example Triathlon) cannot take part in the race.

SUBSCRIPTION With the payment also following documents have to be sent per fax at the number +39 031 2289708 or per email to [email protected] copia della seguente documentazione:
  • subscription form completely filled out
  • copy of the payment
  • In the case of holder of a “RUNCARD” or “MOUNTAIN AND TRAIL RUNCARD” a medical certificate of fitness that allows to practice competitive sports specific athletics, which is valid in Italy (tests provided for by Italian legislation) on 22/07/2017.
  • Holder of an ABROAD LICENSE need the authorization of the foreign Federation

Entries will be accepted only legible, complete in all its parts. It is recommended that the indication of all the personal data, of the sporting society with its code, mobile number and any e-mail address.
We do not accept telephone registrations.
No registration will be accepted without payment of the fee.

It is power of the O.C. to close the registrations once reached the maximum quota provided: registration rejected will be refunded.
If a participant is unable to attend the race will not be refunded the fee or you can use the entry for next year. 
The passage of quota from one competitor to another is possible before the date of 30/06/2017. After this date will incur a surcharge of Euro 10,00.

until the 17.06.2017  Euro 25,00
until the 20.07.2017  Euro 30,00
from the 21.07.2017 (only at the race office) Euro 35,00
Online subscriptions close on Thursday 20th July 2017.

Registrations with payment by credit card

Through bank account
IBAN IT06J0558489271000000003535
Causale: Iscrizione STRALIVIGNO 2017

Included in the subscription fee
- professional time keeping with electronic registration of the intermediate passages and final by OTC Srl; 
- technical and medical assistance along the path; 
- 4 refreshments + 1 final refreshment; 
- race package, 
- ticket lunch at the end of the race, 
- showers for men and women; 
- bags deposit, 
- e-mail information service. 

Race package is guaranteed to the first 1100 subscribed.
Any other expenses shall be borne by the competitor.

Timekeeping Time keeping will be held by OTC Srl (Official Timer MySDAM) with chip technology.

The bad usage of the chip will take you off rankings list.
The change of bibs is not admitted.
FIDAL cards holders will have to wear the uniform of their social membership association.

Bib distribution at the race office c/o Aquagranda Active You:
- Friday 21st July 2017 from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 19.00;
- Saturday 22nd July 2017 from 8.00 to 14.00

TRACK Around 21km route along the Livigno valley which has to be carried out in all weather conditions.
The map and profile of the course can be viewed on the website

Start: at 15.00 from Aquagranda Active You.
Max time: 4 hours.

The race will be carried out with the control of the FIDAL Group of Judges (G.G.G.).

Control membership card and identity of the athlete
The G.G.G can maintain control of the federal card and the identity of the athlete as provided for in art. 8, article 9 present in Standards Activities General Provisions.

Complaints Complaints have to be given 30 minutes after having rankings have been published.
FIRST STEP: verbally to the arrival judge.
SECOND STEP: written at the judge accompanied with Euro 100,00 which will be given back in case complaint is accepted.

PRIZEGIVING The Prizegiving ceremony will take place at 20:00 c/o Plaza Placheda (Via Saroch, 1098). Only the competitors that reach the finish line c /o Aquagranda Active You will be included in the official results lists.

Other prizes:
to the first 3 of each category.
Prize at the society with the biggest number of participants.

The awards are not cumulative.

It not will be no prize money.
There will be prizes for the best athletes.





RESPONSABILITY The O.C. of Stralivigno disclaim any and all liability for accidents and injury to athletes, some other person and property, before, during and after the event. For matters not covered in this regulation they shall be subject to the regulations of FIDAL, the provisions of the IAAF and the rules of law. The competition is covered by insurance RCT. By registering every athlete claims to be meeting the requirements of participation and accept the conditions of the race. It is not allowed to accompany the athletes. Participation is at your own risk.

On registration the participant accepts the submission of giving his personal data to third parties for processing data under the Data Protection Act No Legislative Decree 196/2003. Each participant authorizes the organizer to use the images to promote the event on all national and international media.

The organizers reserve the right to amend these Rules at any time after informing Fidal for approval.

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